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Solar Roof Tiles

Regular solar panels sit on top of a roof, and generally sit on the existing roof tiles. Solar roof tiles offer an aesthetically pleasing tile that not only protects from the elements but has the added bonus of generating electricity. The tiles interlock and look very similar to regular concrete tiles and last just as long if not longer. Each tile’s exposed surface is covered in photovoltaic cells so an entire roof can generate power.

Solar roof tiles fit the exact size of the roof, so it naturally blends with existing architecture or complements new buildings. The tiles interlock closely and are often very easy to install. An installer can often be trained in less than an hour. The only disadvantage to these tiles is their high cost, a single shingle can be upwards of $200 so covering an entire roof can be a costly endeavor. There are many rebates and incentives for people who do convert to solar power.

Solar roof tiles, just like other photovoltaic cells are quickly becoming more and more efficient, which means that less and less panels will be needed to generate the same amount of electricity. Although a more efficient panel is often more expensive, less are needed to generate the same amount of power so in the end the cost is about the same. It is also much easier to set up, and eventually upgrade a small efficient array than a large inefficient one.


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