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Solar Module

A solar module can come in many sizes, but they are all designed to do basically the same thing, convert DC to AC. Photovoltaic panels produce DC power, which is usable but not effectively in most homes. Batteries emit DC power, but most home appliances rely on alternating current.

In the past solar modules were connected to entire photovoltaic arrays. That has a fundamental problem though; the power output is limited to the weakest panel because they are all connected in a line. One panel in the shade even if all the others have direct sun drastically affects the power output. The solar module also has to be very large to handle the output from every solar panel and is often loud and hot as well.

The best way to get the most power out of every panel is through the use of multiple solar modules. These micro-modules connect to each panel, or to small arrays of 3-4 panels on larger installations. They allow for maximum power output from each panel because each panel is no longer connected in a line. In combination with an MPPT the most power can be harvested.


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