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Solar Lights

Solar lights convert sunlight into electricity and then store that electricity during the day so that it can be emitted at night in the form of light once again. It is an interesting process converting light into electricity and then back into light and is unfortunately not very efficient. The brightness of the light is in direct proportion to the size of the photovoltaic panel that is used, the larger the panel, the more energy that can be produced and stored, which results in brighter lights at night.

Most solar lights have their own individual solar cells much like small personal solar powered calculators. They generate enough power to be lit for most of the night, and recharge every sunny day. These are used more for lighting driveways and walkways because they are not very bright. Solar powered spot lights usually have a much larger solar panel. On some models the panel is installed in an area with good light and then a wire is run to the actual light and battery.

Solar lights are a good alternative to wired lights. They are easy to install, most require merely inserting them into the soil or attaching them to a wall to work. There are no wires that need to be buried and most models don’t even have an on or off switch, they automatically turn on as it gets dark. They also provide free light, no extra power is used so utility bills stay low.


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