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Solar Energy Supplies

When setting up solar energy for a business or home certain supplies are needed. Panels are an obvious necessity, along with wiring, brackets, a bi-directional electric meter, an AC to DC converter and a storage set-up. Most of these items can be purchased online or though a local electrician with knowledge of solar technology.

Of all the supplies needed for solar energy the panels are the most crucial component. The panels will needs to be mounted on brackets that anchor the panels securely and allow for airflow to keep panels cool. Once the panels are installed they are virtually maintenance free.

The wiring should be installed by an electrician with experience in solar energy. Because solar power needs to be converted from alternating current to direct current that is used in most buildings a converter will be among the supplies needed. A bi-directional meter also allows the building owner to sell their power back into the grid and storage or battery setup will be needed to keep the power flowing during cloudy days and dark hours.


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