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Solar Energy Panels

Solar energy is one of the most viable renewable energy sources available. Installing solar energy panels on a home can cut power bills by two-thirds. Although the initial cost can be steep, the investment pays off in energy costs and in the positive effects on the environment. Solar panels are a wise choice to improve the value of a home.

Currently solar panels are large and can be heavy. New technology making its way into the market showcases flexible solar panels. These panels use less material and are easier to install. They are more effective by ten to fifteen percent than the traditional panels and will be widely available within the next couple of years.

Even if traditional solar energy panels are the only kind available in the area of the home or business desiring to make the switch to solar power they are still very efficient and should be considered. Power created during the sunny hours can be stored for use on cloudy days and at night. Excess power can be sold back into the power grid for an even steeper discount on utility bills.


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