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Solar Battery Charger

A solar battery charger is designed to be used in areas that have limited or no access to a power supply. Most of their applications are for camping and military purposes where traditional power supplies are not available. Some are designed to charge standard sized batteries that are common in most portable devices, while others have adapters to charge batteries directly, such as laptop and cell phone batteries.

A solar battery charger consists of two basic devices, a photovoltaic panel and a power converter. The solar panel is often able to be folded up into a small size for easy travel. Some are flexible membranes that can be rolled up when not in use, and unrolled when needed. These can even be attached to a backpack so electronics can charge up while hiking.

The second part of a solar battery charger is a power converter. The power that comes out of a solar panel is a direct current (DC), the kind of power that batteries store, however most electronic devices are equipped with alternating current (AC) connections, those two and three pronged plugs. For devices that use AC power a converter has to change the power flow and regulate it as well. A burst of power can rupture or fry batteries making them unusable.


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