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Solar Attic Fan

A solar attic fan is quickly becoming the standard for attic fans. In most homes attics are unfinished, but filled with insulation. During the summer they can reach temperatures that are much higher than outdoor temperatures, especially on houses with black roofs which are most common. A hot attic will transfer that heat down into the living areas of the house which will drastically increase cooling bills. An improperly ventilated attic can also cause structural damage because of trapped water vapor.

A solar attic fan can solve many of those problems. It allows air to circulate which prevents the interior of the attic from superheating. With no ventilation an attic can reach over 170 degrees F which can contribute to the ruining of insulation, shingles and wood. Moisture can destroy a house quicker than any other natural force. A barn can be torn down just by cutting a hole in the roof and waiting for a couple of freeze/thaw cycles. Attic fans circulate the air preventing excess moisture.

A solar attic fan works by converting the suns photons into usable current. Most attic fans are totally self sufficient, they generate all the power they need to run the fan and contain batteries to store extra power during the night. Since they are self contained, there is no wiring that has to be done, simply install it onto an existing vent, or cut a new one. Small panels can even be hooked up to existing vents converting them to solar power.


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