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Residential Solar Roof Panels

There have been many recent developments concerning residential solar roof panels. The main focus has been improving efficiency, lowering costs, and making solar panels blend with existing architecture and roof styles. Solar panels are very expensive so homeowners strive to get the most efficiency out of each panel. Improvements in solar inverters and modules have made systems very efficient.

Residential solar roof panels are often designed to look like roof shingles. Most panels are large and obtrusive. They can change the look of any house and for many people that is not desirable. Solar shingles allow for the photovoltaic cells to be seamlessly integrated into the roof with regular shingles. They are most often the same shiny black or blue as regular panels, but color is beginning to be added with special photovoltaic dyes.

Residential solar roof panels can, if installed correctly, make a home electrically self sufficient. On sunny days power will actually go back into the grid for a profit to the homeowner. New developments, such as cheap photovoltaic paint can increase the amount of surface area that is available for collecting electricity.


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