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Residential Solar Panels

Residential solar panel can be purchased in kits that include solar modules, plug and play wiring, power electronics, and mounting kits. Solar cells in the modules convert sunlight to DC power. The DC power runs through an inverter and becomes useable AC power.

Residential solar panels can generate enough electricity to power appliances, motors, pumps and other devices. If your system ties into the grid you can sell excess energy back to the utility for credit. The grid can also act as a back in certain situations or vice versa.

Residential solar panels also come with home kits, inverter, batteries and charger, water heaters, roof shingles and more. Roof shingles with built in solar panels and wiring are referred to as building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). When installing panels and designing a system, consult with a professional to ensure you get it right and get the maximum energy saving benefits.


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