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Portable Solar Panels

Portable solar panels offer a source of energy to remote, emergency and military applications. Off-grid systems could benefit greatly from these in an emergency. Communications, remote field testing, surveillance, small TV/VCR, video recorders and work lights are just a few ways this technology can be applied.

Portable solar panels can also be used to charge mobile phones, laptops, batteries, mP3 players, cameras, GPS and more. Small solar panel systems are also a great way to begin understanding how solar energy works. Once you understand it on a small, personal scale you can convert that knowledge to a larger scale project.

Portable solar panels can be a singular gift for the person who has everything or who loves high technology gadgets and gear. Solar panel backpacks are a great idea for backpackers, campers or people in the military. Since the solar panels are built in to the pack, all you have to do is attach the component that needs power.


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