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Portable Solar

Solar energy is an excellent way to power your home or business. Properly installed systems can drastically reduce, and in some cases eliminate, one’s dependence on the community power grid. The resulting economic savings to the home or business owner is making solar power an increasingly popular alternative source of electricity.

The main disadvantage of solar power is that until recently, the size and weight of the typical solar panels required them to be stationary. Advances in solar technology have made portable solar panels a reality. The panels created by many manufacturers today are capable of producing higher levels of electricity, while becoming smaller in size.

Over the last several decades, small electronic devices have become an important part of our everyday lives. They have become an essential part of doing business, a more convenient means of communication, and of course a major source of entertainment. Many of these devices have moved away from using disposable batteries as their main source of power, in favor of a built-in rechargeable battery.

Rechargeable batteries have many benefits when compared to disposable varieties, not the least of which is environmental. More rechargeable batteries mean fewer disposable batteries, and the dangerous chemicals they contain, ending up in our landfills. However, rechargeable batteries require a power source in order to recharge.

Thanks to advances in solar panel design, portable solar power systems are becoming more and more popular. Flexible solar panels, in particular, are revolutionizing the industry. The possible applications for flexible panels are constantly expanding.

Portable solar panels have already been incorporated into many commonly seen items. Backpacks, for example, can now be easily found with flexible solar panels incorporated into the design of the bag. These small panels are capable of recharging most electronic devices, including laptop computers, cell phones and mp3 players. These bags are ideal for hiking and camping, but are extremely popular with today’s high school and college students.

For the business owner or salesperson, briefcases and computer bags can now double as portable solar recharging stations. This can be particularly helpful for the salesperson that is often travelling and doesn’t always have access to a power source. Like the previously mentioned backpacks, these items can charge nearly any electronic device.

Campers, ranchers, and others who find themselves spending a great deal of time outdoors and away from an electrical source, can benefit from portable solar power. Flexible panel systems can be used to create lightweight, easy to carry solar power systems that can be taken anywhere. They can be used to power lights, laptops, and a host of other devices.

Scientists often use portable solar power when working in remote locations. These can be small flexible panel systems, but are often slightly larger assemblies that are capable of generating enough power for a small crew of people and their equipment. Although generally larger rigs, these are still designed to be lightweight enough for packing in and out of these locations.

Solar energy is the cleanest form of power currently available to us, and portable solar panels are expanding the possibilities of harnessing that power. As the technology improves, these portable systems are sure to becoming smaller and more powerful. The solar revolution is here. Viva la Sol!


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