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Pool Solar Panels

Pool solar panels are actually called solar thermal collectors and represent the difference between solar energy and solar thermal energy. These collectors that generate solar thermal energy are different from photovoltaic (PV) solar panels because PV panels convert solar energy directly into electricity. Solar thermal collectors can use air or water as the medium used to transmit the heat to its destination.

Pool solar panels are referred to specifically as low, medium, or high temperature collectors. Low temperature collectors are made flat and used to heat swimming pools or used as a space heater on small scales. Medium temperature collectors can heat water for residential and commercial applications. High temperature collectors concentrate sunlight using mirrors or lenses and are used for large-scale electric power production.

Some facts about pool solar panels and solar thermal energy include that the average household spends an average of 25% of home energy costs heating water using an electric water heater. Investing in a solar water heater can save you 50% - 80% annually on utility bills. 4-8 years is the average “simple payback” or return on investment (ROI) on a solar water heater that has been well designed and correctly installed.


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