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Installing Solar Panels

Installing solar panels can be costly but is not as complicated as one would imagine. The building of course will need to have a south facing roof. Panels can be made and installed in a do-it-yourself manner using manuals. Most people get the recommended help of a professional electrician with experience in photovoltaics.

Panels should be mounted on brackets several inches above the roof. This allows for air flow and keeps the panels cool. The solar cells will not work properly if they become too hot. A converter will need to be installed to convert the DC (direct current) power generated from the system to AC (alternate current) power that is used in homes. After the initial installation, a solar system is virtually maintenance free.

The cost of installing solar panels can be expensive but with tax credits and state and federal rebate programs the cost can be considerably reduced. An example is an inn whose initial cost of setup would be around 75,000 dollars but thanks to help from the government the price tag wound up being about thirty percent of that. Not to mention the money saved on utility bills. Excess power can be sold back to the power company so that usage at night and during stormy weather is almost totally paid for.


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