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Home Solar Panels

Setting up a solar panel system for the home involves a little bit of preparation. Along with the availability of sunlight, the house itself needs to be in an ideal location. Co-operation with the utility company is also necessary in most areas.

The solar panels on the roof of the home must have the correct orientation. Northern hemisphere residents must face the panels to the true south. The angle or inclination is important as well. The angle should be equal to the latitude of the location. This south-facing roof must not be covered by shade. Shade on even one cell of a panel can cut energy production by half.

Weather is also an important factor. Find the meteorological data for the area and base production needs off of the worse month to ensure there will be enough energy year-round. Look at the average household energy demand on the utility bills to determine the needs.
If the goal is to run the house totally independent of the power system a storage system will be needed to power the house during the night and on stormy days. Storage systems can be expensive and complicated. It is recommended that a professional with solar experience be contacted for the setup of one of these systems. Most homes using solar power are still connected to the power grid. The excess power produced can even be sold back to the utility company. Contact the local power company to ensure compatible equipment is used and standards are met.


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