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Grid Tie Solar Panels

Grid tie solar panels are connected to the existing power grid. This allows them to put extra power back into the grid when they are producing more than is used. It also allows the property to take power from the grid as needed when the panels are not producing enough. This is the most popular way of generating solar power because no batteries are used.

With grid tie solar panels extra electricity is actually purchased by the power company at the exact same price as they are selling it. With an efficient system in place the power company could end up sending money every month instead of collecting it. Having an efficient inverter to convert the DC power to AC and regulate the panels is essential.

Because grid tie solar panels are send electricity to the existing power grid, no batteries are needed. The grid acts as a huge interconnected battery, although excess power probably doesn’t have to go far to be used. Neighboring houses can be powered on a sunny day just because one house has a very efficient solar system, although they are still paying for.


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