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Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial solar panels are much larger applications of solar arrays than those that are found on houses. They are often mounted on the top and sides of large, multi-storied buildings. Because they are often such large arrays the price of the panels and installation is astronomically high, especially since the best places to install the panels are hard to get to and dangerously exposed.

The high cost of installing commercial solar panels is slightly offset by tax rebates and government grants, but the majority of these systems that are being installed are being paid for by large solar panel manufacturing and installation companies. They pay for the initial cost of the panels and install them for free, but in return they lease the power back to the building at a lower rate than the power company charges. This allows buildings to be converted to solar power at very little, or no cost to the owner of the building. They don’t own the panels, and the power is still not free but it is an improvement over coal fired power plants because there are no emissions.

Commercial solar panels can offset a power bill by over 60% in most cases. Some arrays are big enough to power entire buildings, but most only cover a certain portion of power used, the rest still comes from traditional sources. As solar power increases in popularity and panels become more efficient, less and less power will have to be generated at a plant until eventually they will close their doors or convert to renewable energy sources.


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