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Best Solar Panels

The best solar panels have yet to be made, currently most solar panels are very similar, individual advantages between solar panels have yet to emerge but there are a few factors that determine what makes a good solar panel. Efficiency is one of the most important factors that give one panel preference over another similar sized panel. Since it is such a new market there are improvements happening everyday. Just recently the 40% efficiency mark was reached which is a huge improvement, most existing panels are roughly 15% efficient.

Not only are the best solar panels efficient, they should also be flexible. Most panels are very stiff and brittle. They can break with very little force, a bird flying into it carries enough force to crack the protective cover and the silicone wafers. Once a single panel is cracked the entire array loses efficiency because the panels also act as conductors sending the electricity down the line. One panels charge gets sent to the next one until the finally at the end the power is converted to alternating current. A damaged panel along the line allows the charge to escape before it gets to the end. A flexible panel doesn’t break under impact, and can also form fit onto roofs, car bodies and many other applications where a flat brittle panel is unacceptable.

Flexibility is important, but the best solar panels are also easy to install and not too pricey. A panel is only useful if it can be installed in an area with plenty of sun. While there might be some incredibly powerful solar panels on the market, cost is often the limiting factor. A solar panel is no good if it is too expensive, no one will install it. Panels that are difficult to install are also used less, even if they are more efficient.


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