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Advantages of Solar Energy

Solar energy is our future. Our world has too long relied on the unsustainable fossil fuel. Fossil fuels damage our environment and we have developed an unhealthy addiction to them. It’s time to break the cycle. Solar energy is clean, cost-efficient, and environmentally and economically friendly. Solar equipment is easy to install with little need to dig. This form of energy just makes sense in our world.

Solar energy is abundant. It’s a totally renewable source of energy. The power comes from the sun. The sun is free and inexhaustible. The supply will last as long as the sun lasts. Using the sun helps us to be in tune with nature and the cycles of our planet. Humans need to strive to work with the environment- not against it. When we use roof top panels our supply grows in line the demand.

The most important aspect of solar energy is the positive effect on the environment. There is no noise, very little pollution, and no greenhouse gases. Again the sun is a renewable source of energy so there is no strain on the environment. The surface of our planet absorbs the energy equivalent of a barrel of oil for every square meter from our sun. Solar energy emits no carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases. There is no damage to our ecosystem the way oil drilling does. The only pollution is from the manufacturing of the equipment and is nothing compared to current pollution output from fossil fuels.

Solar energy is very cost effective. The sun is free. There is no charge for sunshine. For those who cannot afford traditional energy an investment in solar equipment provides long lasting energy for generations to come. Solar panels require almost no maintenance after installation and have a long working life. Wind turbines are noisy and may breakdown. Even though the initial price of installation can be high money is saved in the long run on electric bills. Energy can be stored for use on dark hours and inclement weather. The cost of the equipment is also declining due to advances in technology. The prices of fossil fuels are on the rise and will only continue to grow. The actual cost of running the solar energy in the home is low. Most governments give out grants, rebates, and tax credits for those using solar power. Power bills can also be reduced by selling energy back into power grids.

If the health of the planet and low running costs isn’t a motivator enough, consider the positive economic benefits. For those third world countries or people who live in remote areas providing their own power is invaluable. Some people use unsafe kerosene heaters and candles for heat which can be very dangerous. As a community grows the availability for roof top panels grows as well therefore keeping supply and demand in line. Countries that are poor in fossil fuels can become independent and productive members of the world market. Installing the panels and managing an independent power station will generate jobs for locals. The energy is always there, making it reliable in times of political and economic crisis. Those in developed countries can help break up power company monopolies and encourage local businesses to run self sufficiently.

While solar energy has many advantages there are a few disadvantages. The initial cost of installation can be steep, but when one takes overall savings into mind it can be seen as a wise investment. When the weather or air pollution is bad it may be harder to harvest the sun’s power. This disadvantage can be combated by using an energy storage system that saves up power for use in the nocturnal hours and dark days. With a little consideration most of the obstacles that may be presented by solar energy can be overcome. Technology improves everyday and with the cost of non-renewable energy on the rise it’s easy to see why our global community needs to focus on the future. Solar power is the future.


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